Focus on one thing

Marvin Marcano

Marvin Marcano

2 mins read

This is an amazing time in history. 

We can do anything we want. To learn anything we want. Whenever, and however we want. But that’s also created a serious problem. We have become intent on doing everything. And by doing everything, we become mediocre at all that we do. Go onto LinkedIn, for example, and you’ll see some profile bios with, “Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker, Growth Marketing guru, Dog Whisperer.” I’m sure this person is “ok” at these things. But what is he or she great at? 

I’ve found myself falling for the same notion that I should do everything. Besides having a full-time job, I would blog, do SEO freelance, run a physical product business, and a job board. And while it sounds sexy to be busy, to be “hustling”, and feel overwhelmed, I really was not making any progress in any area. I was doing ok. But the effort in each area was bringing exactly the results it deserved. All I got in return was feelings of fatigue, frustration, and ineffectiveness. Moreso, I was stubborn to believe I could keep doing it all.

Then I read a quote from entrepreneur Gary Keller.  It hit me right in the gut. I realized I was on a fool’s errand.

“You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing one thing with side effects.” — Gary Keller

Finally, I shut down most of my ventures and focus on just two areas. And with my efforts focused there, I saw more progress in months than I did the entire year prior.

Skilled persons in their field make the most impact and get paid the most. They hone their craft to end up in the top 1%-10% in their respective fields. That’s why brain surgeons get paid what they do. Why companies hire specialists. People with high-income, highly coveted skills will always win.Imagine taking your energy and channeling it into being the best you can be in one or two areas. Like sunlight through a magnifying glass, you will set your world on fire. 

So yes, you can do anything you want and you can do everything you want. But should you? My advice? Focus on that one thing you know you should work on. Be patient, and you will win.