Get really good at one skill

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard

1 min read

The #1 piece of advice I would share with a group of people is to get really good at one skill. Don't let shiny object syndrome get in the way and derail your success. While it's easier than ever to try and jump on the next online business, it usually doesn't work out. 

I say that because, at one time, I was trying to build an e-commerce store, grow a blog, write copy, launch a podcast, and trying to pursue professional golf. Needless to say, I'm ambitious like so many other millennials but it didn't help create much success in any of them. 

Instead, it led to burnout and an overwhelming amount of stress. Once I dropped everything but writing, my life and business made a monumental shift forward. I made more money, more impact, and had more happiness in my life. I didn't have to worry about "hustling" all the time. Since I've found so much success as a writer, I've been able to hire two virtual assistants to help me grow my brand and let me stay in my zone of genius.

So instead of trying to do it all, find one skill that you want to learn and focus all of your attention on becoming a master. When you niche down and become an expert, you will have more momentum, clarity, and eventually an authority in your space. Plus, your quality of life will be 100X better.