Dealing with parent's expectations

Prakhar Verma

Prakhar Verma

2 mins read

I was about to graduate from my college. I had studied game design and it seemed like all my college mates had found their passion. They were all excited to get their dream jobs while I was still confused. Although I loved studying game design, I figured that I didn't really want to work in the game industry. My parents and my scholarship helped me get a master's degree from a reputed college, but it was all going to go in vain if I didn't take a job after college. My parents supported me on every step of my journey and here I was, ready to tell them that I want something else now.

I had two choices – ignore my calling and work in the game industry. That would have made my parents happy. And although it was super hard and scary, I took the other option. I disappointed my parents and asked them for a year to "make it". I promised them that in just a few years, I'll make them proud again. And it was a hard decision – not because I wasn't ready to take the risk, but my parents had high hopes for me, and they did everything in their power to support me. But I couldn't sacrifice my life to please them. Even though they were disappointed, they supported me because they love me. 

That's the advice I would like to pass on. Listen to your heart's callings whenever it guides you and face the fears or discomforts that come with it. There may be conflicts, regrets, disappointments, broken relationships, but above all else, it's your duty to do what you're here to do. It doesn't mean you ignore rational thinking and live all your life based on intuition. It means combining the power of reason and intuition to create the beautiful life you deserve to live and the gifts you're meant to share with the world. A single decision can save your life. All it takes is courage to take the leap of faith.