You’re in control of the outcome of your life

Sarah Aboulhosn

Sarah Aboulhosn

2 mins read

You're in control of the outcome of your life. Everyone starts in different places because of upbringing or privilege, but overall, every person has the option to make decisions about how they want to live their life. 

It took me a really long time to understand this because I always viewed myself as a victim of my own circumstances. I lived my life because I was told that a certain path was the right one and I never stopped to think about the possibility of me making decisions that took me completely off of the path. 

I always knew that I hated working in an office but I always thought that it was just what you have to do for the rest of your life. You get a job that pays enough for you to survive and year after you year you hope you get a minuscule raise until eventually, you save enough money to buy a house, and then that's your life. 

I never felt like the type of person who could start their own business and build their own lifestyle outside of the 9-5 bubble. Everything used to feel so impossible. Finding my first freelance client felt impossible until I had nowhere else to turn and my only other option was to do whatever it took or to give up and get another job. Leaving my home town felt impossible until I just bought a one-way ticket out. 

I had to push myself really far beyond my comfort zone but I consciously made decisions that would put me on a path that I could see myself in the long term without hating my life.

My advice is to look at your future and decide what you want to see, and only make decisions that align with that vision. Commit to it and commit to feeling uncomfortable for a while because it will be so worth it in the end.