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Vinod KJ

Vinod KJ

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In this whole world, if one thing is free and if you expect me to give that to you, it would be advice-which it is really effortless to give but difficult to pursue, even if it is their own!

If you ask me what one piece of advice, I want to share with you all in this depressive, anxiety and miserable world don't expect me to say





DO WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS, FOR IT ALONE KNOWS THE TRUTH. There will be many who will give you their life lessons, but one piece and the most essential piece is......"STANDING UP"!

When everything and everyone is against you, what will you do?

"From Kneeling down all through your life- To standing up"- This is the advice I wanna give you!

Oh my God! is a familiar exclamation in our everyday lives when something unpredictable happens or if it is not our ordinary day!

This expression, though easy to say, can be genuinely related to our worst fears and our bad days. Just after uttering this exclamation, we become dark and miserable or to put it simply-Its the introductory statement before our bad times.

But now the real argument,

During depressed times when we are hard hit and fallen down -can we really build up the courage to say "Bring it on God”? And keep moving forward?

The above statement is not overconfidence or arrogance, and neither it is against religion. It merely means the courage to meet every single storm that rages on us and the art to stand still and think of beating all the odds, after getting boxed again and again with our chest held high.

We humans have a lot to accomplish in our lives, we just don't Eat, Produce and then Wither, we are more than EPW. We are born to create storms and to stand in the winds. If you think Adversity is some kind of wind, then you better stand and win.

So is this about some menacing difficulty I am going to write?

All is I want to tell you that my Life became totally different after I adopted the "Bring it on GOD" strategy rather than my simple statements of "Why Me God?" or "Oh my God!"

Almost everyone breaks apart under challenging situations and circumstances involving a death or a loved one. It may seem that the bravest endure all difficulties and come up still they do have their own terrible pains to succumb.

Or simply I want to ask a question which can ring bells in many,

why do we really love some movies of our greatly adulated heroes overcoming a great depression and moving to become someone greater than what he was earlier?

Have we ever understood why these types of Movies keep coming, again and again, still managing to captivate us?

We love to see someone climbing mountains under the comfort of our cushy sofas, or do we like to be called successful without worrying about the pain that one must endure?

Our Life is not about movies, here we are the actors, and if Fate becomes the director, then all can proclaim loudly, "Oh My GOD," but when real difficulty comes, just imagine if you can direct your own movie what would be the climax?

"The movie will be called-"Bring it on God, for I am Ready."

But standing during great storms is never easy; it does not come by reading or by taking any classroom crash courses.

Nerves of steel are forged in the furnace of Adversity,

You as a weapon must be heated to a degree you can never bear and yet get beaten again and again till you become strong. Almost the rule applies to both Non-Living and Living things. (The original practice of Life).

or can I say, Coal becomes diamond under pressure?

So, In reality, why do many fall down during challenging times?

Un forgiven child to Running Man:

Almost everyone tells you to be calm under pressure, but in reality, handling stressful events or our response towards the same started long before we became adults. Its time you just rewinded your Life-

During your childhood, did you receive support from your parents or your siblings?

When problems cropped up, if you were blamed or ridiculed, then chances are that you will be running and hiding during your bad times in your adulthood.

If you are supported and given chances to meet your problems, then the probability is that you will always find a solution.

But how do you think that you should blame your parents?

Or for your abused or vulnerable childhood?

Just remember, now you have the power of awareness with you to change your attitude. It may be difficult to endure, but you still have every ability in this universe to create your own history.

Are you a slave to your emotions?

If you are a slave to your emotions, it's time you sucked that blood of slavery drop by drop from your body and be purified; for the power to overcome your Adversity lies deep within you.

Just imagine you see a dirty man sitting in a pavement, you bathe him, you cut all his hairs, and you dress him up in blazers and suits then put him in a luxury car, now how does he look to you? The same is for your emotions, you clothe it very well, so it behaves as if it is your boss whereas after unstrapping it just is nothing.

Next time, when you are overcome by emotion, just imagine the same poor old man dressed in Blazers; maybe your emotional clothing can be stripped., it works. Your feelings are always exaggerated almost all the time. Train your mind to look with clarity; the truth may suck; still, the fact is beautiful.

Your mind is a fascinating weapon which will stand by you during a test of times. But it's your Role to decide, Should I forge the weapon in the fire of Adversity? Or to run away from everything?

Your mind is an obedient student, it will always obey.

What if your Adversity is just a lesson from the big book of Life?


Was it just like a puzzle you want to solve? Where your persistence and calmness could be the solution.

Take cues from your past:

History is filled with many who overcame their odds. I know it's easier to read biographies than to write our own. What if we can learn to overcome our Adversities and write our personal history?

Let generations after you learn the lesson how you stood against all the odds rising against everything that wants your doom.

Let it be known to the world that you are not a weakling to be succumbed to the pushing and pulling of Fate. Let yourself be known to the world; I am a Phoenix waiting to soar high after every failed endeavor.

Relate to your past events, takes cues from your past difficulty, were you brave enough, or did you feel depressed? If you felt sad. Its time you took lessons from your past.

Be the River, my Friend:

The greatest battle is only with yourself.

Battle against your anger, your own emotions, your own weakness, it will take time to be aware, to know yourself, it is just like a journey full of pain, but when you wage war against your own weakness, you are sure to win. The greatest enemy is nowhere but between your two ears.

Clam it, soothe it, beat it hard soon, it will be an unwavering companion for Life. This should be your best training but do remember the trainer adversity can sometimes be hard, but you as a student should never give up.

As Sun-Tzu says, "Being unconquerable lies with yourself."

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.

Which road do you want to take?

In everyone's Life, after a point of time, there will be two roads in front of them- one will be full of roses. Still, the other will be full of spikes where your feet will bleed with blood, and you will want to return to your den and want to take rest.

Your mind will now tell you to skip the trip altogether and will push you to take the different route, but during those moments, just ask your heart- we're not those kinds of moments sculpted me, and did I not feel alive after the storm has passed?

So now What about the specific time it was tough to follow the advice?

Almost entirely when faced with every new situation and circumstance when I am beaten to death or be cloaked in the blanket of worry, I forget this advice periodically.

Then after a while,

All my heart would tell me that I am a phoenix destined to rise higher than my ashes! I grow again, wanting to fly with my wings wide open.

If it is for Me,

Are you my reader, not a phoenix?

If I can stand up from kneeling down, although my Life- so can you, my Friend!