Liars, Leakers, and Liberals Summary and Review

by Judge Jeanine Pirro
  Has Liars, Leakers, and Liberals by Judge Jeanine Pirro been sitting on your reading list? Pick up the key ideas in the book with this quick summary. If your main source of information is the fake-news mainstream media, then you’re probably convinced that President Trump is the worst thing that’s ever happened and that his presidency is a disaster. According to the author, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. She argues that President Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to keep his promise and to make America great again. And the most impressive thing is that he is able to do his job despite having to face a liberal conspiracy against him. The author Judge Jeanine Pirro claims that the liberal parties, the intelligence establishment, and law-enforcement are working against President Trump. According to her, their main goal is to undermine his presidency and care nothing for the votes of the Americans who believe Trump’s promises and who support him with dignity and pride. From the following book summary, you will learn how Donald Trump has been consistently and unfairly criticized by the lying liberal media. We will also discuss how, according to Judge Jeanine Pirro, the deep state of the law enforcement and intelligence community is now conducting a relentless witch hunt against Donald Trump and his administration. And you’ll see that the forty-fifth president of the United States is a fundamentally decent and determined individual. Here are some of the most important things that we’ll discuss in this summary of Liars, Leakers, and Liberals, a book written by Judge Jeanine Pirro in 2018:
  • the Hollywood stars that are vocal against Donald Trump were silent in the face of Obama’s atrocities;
  • how Trump was brave enough to stand up against the liberals who are doing everything they can to protect criminal illegal immigrants; and
  • why instead of investigating Donald Trump for collusion with Putin’s Russia, the authorities should actually investigate Hillary Clinton.

LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #1: in an attempt to damage Trump’s presidency, the media has been lying without shame.

Although it might seem incredible today but a while back, Donald Trump was beloved by the media. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, every time you strolled past a newsstand, you would see Donald Trump’s face smiling on the cover of magazines and newspapers. From his charitable donations to his business deals, the media couldn’t get enough of Donald Trump. But this coverage wasn’t always positive. In the 1990s, when Trump’s wealth fell and his casinos had problems, the media did not hold back. But, the coverage was at least fair, as the media would mostly run stories that were well-sourced and even included Donald Trump’s version of events. Today, things are much different. The liberal news media is so aggressive and hateful towards the current president that they lie about him ad nauseam. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the most resourceful liars who oppose Trump and who won the Trump’s Fake News Awards. Brian Ross of ABC won this award after he ran a story alleging that the president’s national security advisor, Michael Flynn, was planning to testify against him. Ross also claimed that Donald Trump had ordered Flynn to contact Russia before the election. This, according to Judge Jeanine Pirro, was a blatant lie. The story was poorly sourced and entirely false, which made it more akin to cheap tabloid gossip than to legitimate investigative journalism. Brian Ross is not a stupid man, nor a bad journalist. But, according to Pirro, he, like so many others, was guided by his liberal hatred toward Donald Trump. If you still have doubts that the media has a vendetta against Trump, take a look at the statistics. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that more than 60 percent of all stories about Trump were negative, compared to 28 percent about Bush and just 20 percent about Obama. The author believes that this is owed to the fact that newspaper bosses and T.V. and radio station chiefs realized that anti-Trump lies sell. For the first time in history, the New York Times hit a 1 million online readership. This happened during Trump’s election campaign. Throughout Trump’s first month in office, the New York Times signed up more than 132,000 new subscribers and just two months, the Washington Post had to recruit recruited 60 new newsrooms to accommodate staff. Popular magazines like the Atlantic and the New Yorker also set new subscription records. All of these liberal news organizations even have a name for this phenomenon - they call it the “Trump Bump”. They are fully aware that anti-Trump lies sell more and they are taking advantage of it.

LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #2: Hollywood is filled with liberals who are hypocritical and who think that they are better than everyone.

The liberal media execs and the journalists aren’t the only ones who hate Donald Trump, his presidency, and everything he stands for. Hollywood’s smug millionaires are also fervent opponents who can’t stop criticizing him. But shouldn’t be more self-aware and realize just how hypocritical and blinded it has become as a result of his liberal indignation? TV personalities like Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman have said that, since Trump has become president, they decided to focus on activism full time and to take a break from showbiz. But these efforts should be fair. Instead, all Hollywood personalities focus their outrage on president Trump alone. There were many celebrities who fervently spoke against the injustices of President George W. Bush’s foreign policy. The same celebrities fight against Trump today but were happy to fundraise for Barack Obama. Why were they not equally outraged when Obama ordered drone strikes that claimed the lives of American citizens? Why weren’t they outraged when Obama aided the Palestinian Liberal Organization, a group that supported honor killings, by giving them $221. No, Hollywood is happy to turn a blind eye to the atrocities that are committed by Democratic presidents. Maybe, says the author, this attitude is owed to the fact that Hollywood has a strong connection with the Democratic establishment. This was easily observed when the Harvey Weinstein scandal took place. Harvey Weinstein, who was a well-known moviemaking tycoon and a major Democratic supporter, was accused of sexual assault on multiple counts and of and several rapes. Don’t you find it odd that the Democratic elite was reluctant towards speaking out against Harvey Weinstein? Barack Obama received a whopping $700,000 in donations from Harvey Weinstein. As a result, condemning the mogul after the allegations were made public took days. Additionally, Hillary Clinton hid for five days, before she eventually gave an official statement on the issue. Could Weinstein’s huge donations towards Clinton foundation be the cause of her silence? Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise us. Let’s remember that decades earlier Bill Clinton was also accused of abuse and even rape by several women. As the author points out, liberals kept quiet back then as well. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton even went as far as to threaten the victims and the Hollywood elite was somehow convinced to keep silent and to continue hosting the Clintons’ fundraisers. Although Hollywood liberals are convinced that they are smarter and better than the rest of us, they shouldn’t forget that movie theater attendances are extremely low. So maybe they aren’t that great, after all.

LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #3: Rather than standing squarely behind it, many Republicans are getting in the way of Donald Trump’s agenda.

At least in Hollywood, people are fair and square about their political standing. They firmly admit that they are liberals and don’t pretend to be something else. Unfortunately, says Judge Jeanine Pirro, a lot of Republicans in Washington are dishonest. In 2016, the Democrats lost the Senate, the Oval Office, and the House, but sometimes it feels as though that didn’t happen because Washington is full of Republicans by name only, or RINOs. Trump has made his intentions of building a wall on the Mexican border very clear. And, in 2017, Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, and Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Majority Leader, promised to fund Trump’s wall and to allocate over $12 billion to the construction. So far, so good. But when push came to shove, instead of allocating the $12 billion that they had promised, the two Republican leaders only gave $1.6 billion. To make matters even worse, despite their promises to back-up Trump’s plan, the leaders announced that the $1.6 billion could not be spent on the type of wall the President was considering. Their failure to get behind the President’s agenda is something that Ryan and McConnell should be ashamed of, says the author. But the controversial wall isn’t the only example. When Trump was making substantial efforts towards meeting his campaign promises such as stopping the radical Islamists from reaching the United States and implementing a travel ban, McConnel had a different agenda. Instead of supporting the President, the Republican Senate Majority Leader chose to line up with the liberals who were opposing Trump, saying that he hoped that the courts would make the right decision on whether or not things went too far. But a year back, when Obama changed the visa requirements for the same countries, McConnell did absolutely nothing. He only started to defend religious liberties when Trump was making these decisions. The author believes that there are too many Republicans on the Hill who stand for everything that Trump opposes. She adds that they are parasites who act as modest men when they first come to Washington but leave as millionaires. Only five of the four hundred bills that the House has sent to the Senate were accepted, which makes it clear that someone is refusing to make legitimate efforts towards passing the legislation needed to support Trump’s agenda. But the RINOs prefer to waste the electorate’s money wining and dining in fancy restaurants instead of doing what they were elected to do. According to the author, Republicans vs Democrats isn’t the real divide in Washington. The divide is between Donald Trump and the parasites who care more about their personal interests than those of the American people and the self-serving politicians who couldn’t care less that the country is suffering.

LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #4: While liberals are busy protecting illegal immigrants, President Trump is the only one who tells the truth about them.

Liberals love to claim that President Trump is fighting against immigrants. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The President is married to an immigrant and his businesses have hundreds of immigrant employees who always say that he is a good boss. But Trump is also aware that the American people are struggling and that they have a lot of problems because of illegal immigration. In 2015, when he first announced his candidacy, Trump was brave enough to answer all questions related to illegal immigrants. In a statement that was, according to the author, tough but balanced, he said, “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime; they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” When he made this statement, the liberal media was outraged and everyone believed that his statement would ruin his chances before his presidential run had even begun. They were in for a big surprise. Despite what the editorial boards of our “great” newspapers thought, the American people are much less liberal. When people heard Trump’s speech, they felt that someone was finally saying what everyone was thinking. Trump’s speeches and his honest answers helped him grow in the eyes of the electorate, who decided that he was worthy of becoming the President of the United States. According to the author, there is no better way to understand the divide between the establishment liberals and Trump than to look at sanctuary cities. There are more than 300 sanctuary cities in the United States today, in which law-enforcers and government personnel are prevented from sharing information on illegal immigrants. This means that whenever an illegal immigrant commits a crime in a sanctuary city, ICE (the Immigration and Customs Enforcement) will not be alerted. In 2015, an attractive young woman named Kathryn Katie Steinle was walking with her dad on the streets of San Francisco. The two were very happy and they were discussing the fact that Kathryn had just met the love of her life. She had her whole life ahead of her, but José Ines Garcia Zarate took everything away from her by shooting her to death. The criminal, Garcia Zarate, had multiple felony convictions and was an illegal immigrant. Having served his prison sentence, Zarate was supposed to be deported by ICE. Unfortunately, ICE couldn’t collect him for deportation because Ros Mirkarimi, the city sheriff, had ignored their request. If he had done the right thing, Garcia Zarate would have been sent back to Mexico and Ka If he hadn’t, Zarate would have been on his way back to Mexico, and Kathryn Katie Steinle would still be alive. But because San Francisco is a sanctuary city, Ros Mirkarimi simply let a criminal walk free. The city was a sanctuary for a criminal, but not for an innocent young woman. As President Trump has said, the Democrats always prioritize protecting the criminals, instead of doing what’s right for the American people. There is a clear contrast between Trump’s agenda and theirs, says the author.

LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #5: The deep state tried to sabotage Trump’s presidency and spied on his campaign.

Trump has shown time and again that he is determined to put America and the American people first. But the powerful deep state has always opposed him. Intelligence and defense communities, long-term government employees of the law enforcement, corporations, lobbyists, the global elite and the fake news media were all doing efforts towards shattering Trump’s campaign. According to the author, Trump has been dealing with sabotage from the very beginning when Special Counsel Robert Mueller started a “witch hunt”. It all began with the dossier of Christopher Steele, which, according to the author, was nothing more than a collection of gossip. The slander that was masquerading as intelligence was supposed to show that Trump had links to Russia. The author argues that the dossier was so ridiculous that the only media outlets who would publish it were CNN and Buzzfeed. The author adds that the dossier was produced by Christopher Steele, a British deep-state former spy, who spent most of his career building a relationship with Kremlin officials. But this questionable dossier was used as evidence by the FBI and enabled them to spy on Trump’s campaign by securing wiretaps. Later on, in 2016, the FBI used the dossier as evidence again. This time it was to apply for a wiretap on Trump’s campaign official, Carter Page. An interesting detail that was intentionally upheld was that this dossier was, in fact, paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. The author believes that this information was essential and if the court had had it, the dossier would have lost all credibility. She says that because they were determined to ruin Trump’s campaign, the FBI deliberately withheld this piece information. Let’s take a moment and think about that. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats paid a foreign agent to put together a dossier based on gossip. The FBI used the dossier to obtain a warrant from a secret court. This enabled them to spy on a private US citizen. But things can always get worse. As such, the author learned from her own sources that electronic surveillance wasn’t the only thing that Trump campaign was subject to. It appears that there was an actual FBI informant taking part in his campaign. In order to get an informant inside the campaign, the FBI had to get approval from the attorney general. Taking this into account, the author concludes that there are two different possibilities. We are either talking about the FBI going rogue and spying on a US citizen who is a legitimate presidential candidate, or about Loretta Lynch, Obama’s attorney general, being directly involved. Either way, the world has never seen such a blatant abuse of power.

LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #6: Although it turned up nothing, the witch hunt against Donald Trump continues.

In the seventeenth century, innocent people used to be burned at the stake whenever someone cried witch. By using this false excuse, people would hunt and burn their competitors and their enemies. people who were Hundreds of years ago, people used to hunt and burn witches. Unfortunately, once someone started to spread rumors about a potential victim, nothing could be done to prove their innocence. The mind of the mob was set and regardless of the victim’s plea, blood had to be shed. Does that sound familiar? Let’s take a closer look at a phenomenon the author refers to as Mueller’s “witch hunt”. According to her, the hunt has made Michael Flynn, a former military hero, the fall guy. Flynn risked his life for the American people when he served in the military. However, he learns that he has somehow become a convicted felon. Why? Flynn was the victim of wild accusations of treason. He was also subject to accusation for having inappropriate conversations with Sergey Kislyak, a Russian Ambassador, on behalf of Donald Trump, before his presidential inauguration. But that was not what Flynn ended up being prosecuted for. In fact, Flynn was only prosecuted for lying to the FBI about the supposed conversations. But according to the author, it was never clear what Flynn actually lied about. Being a lifelong government employee, Michael Flynn couldn’t afford to hire an expensive attorney for a long trial. As a result, it is extremely likely that his legal representation advised him to plead guilty for lying to the FBI just to put an end to the process. But what happened to Michael Flynn is not a singular case. Something similar happened to Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman. Manafort has been investigated by Mueller in relation to Trump’s campaign but for reasons unrelated to collusion with Russia, says the author. Instead, the allegations that the former campaign chairman is under have to do with his consulting work for foreign governments. Obviously enough, this has nothing to do with Trump. However, the judge couldn’t have said it better when he told the following thing to the prosecutor: “You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud. You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment or whatever.” All the key players from Trump’s 2017 presidential campaign were interviewed during the Mueller investigations. This was possible because the investigations were backed by the federal government. And still, to this day, nothing has been found, because, as the author puts it, there is nothing to find.

LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #7: The messed-up priorities of the FBI are reflected by the uranium one story.

Are you still under the impression that the FBI is an unbiased organization that is simply pursuing justice and the truth? If you are, then you should ask yourself why did the FBI ignore the story of the Uranium One deal, the Clinton Foundation, and “crooked” Hillary? According to the author, the Clintons and Obama sold the country’s security when they sold its uranium. These are not just rumors and there are plenty of facts that can back up these claims. In 2010, ARMZ Uranium, a Russian state-owned company, purchased a 51-percent share of Uranium One, a Canadian company. This is an important detail because the Canadian company has the rights over 20 percent of uranium mining in the United States. ARMZ needed approval from the United States Committee on Foreign Investment in order to secure the deal. The deal was approved by the secretary of the state, who, at that time, was one of Hillary Clinton’s representatives. But there’s more. While Uranium One was being acquired by the Russians, the Clinton Foundation received no fewer than four substantial donations, amounting to $2.35 million. As you might expect, Secretary Clinton did not inform Obama about this. Furthermore, after the ARMZ investments were announced, Bill Clinton received $500,000 from a Russian bank that was connected to the Kremlin. Doesn’t this sound extremely underhanded? According to the author, it all becomes even more suspicious because the FBI was fully aware that the Russians were using bribes and extortion to ensure that Vladimir Putin has control of the US uranium deposits. Victoria Toensing, a US defense attorney, told the author that an American informant spoke to the United States Government of hearing Russians boast about their connections with the Clintons. Now, think of how much time, money, and effort the Department of Justice and the FBI are spending on investigating the supposed connections between Trump and Russia. You would expect them to find something after all this time. But when the aforementioned informant tried to reveal the information that he had, he was threatened by the Obama administration for breaching a confidentiality agreement. So ask yourself – if what we discussed so far is not enough evidence for the FBI to investigate the connections between the Clintons and Russia, how can they justify the witch hunt against Donald Trump? To the author’s mind, the only logical explanation is that the DOJ and the FBI are dead-set on opposing Trump and everything he stands for. LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #8: If we look past the liberal propaganda, fake news, and lies, we realize that Donald Trump is the best option for the presidency. If you only hear what the liberal media have to say about Donald Trump, you’d think that he is an insensitive, woman-hating man who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. But, according to the author, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, she says, Trump is obviously a devoted family man. The author knows this for a fact as she has been a personal friend of the Trump family for many years. She recalls one particular incident that took place when she was flying on Trump’s private jet to New York after having spent the weekend in Mar-a-Lago. That weekend, the New York Times magazine had launched a particularly nasty attack at Donald Trump. And as it happened, the author witnessed Trump reading it and she noticed that he had no reaction. He wasn’t angry or frustrated about the article and he forgot about it really fast. In fact, right after reading it, he called his kids and he told them to write a list of everything that they needed for school, as they were going to Kmart later on. This goes to show that Trump is nothing but a down-to-earth guy who is more invested in spending time with his family than worrying about being attacked in the media. The author adds that from her personal experience she knows Trump to be a respectful and sensitive man. General John Kelly, the president’s current chief of staff, told Jeanine Pirro about Trump’s visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day in 2017. He recalled that the cemetery was filled with people who mourned the fallen heroes. People were holding photos of their lost husbands, brothers, and friends and some of them approached Trump and wanted to talk to him. They just wanted to share their experience and grief with someone and Trump listened to every single one of them. John Kelly also told the author that he is the one who has to inform the president whenever a service member dies on the job. Whenever he does this, he says, the president falls quiet. He often asks the following question: Why do they do this? Now, the first thing that hateful liberals will do is to twist his question in a bad way. But if we stop and think for a moment, we realize that Trump asks the question because he finds it hard to understand that someone would do such a huge sacrifice. According to the author, the media will stop at nothing in their attempts to discredit Trump and his family. But in reality, Trump is a man who loves his family and who does everything he can to help the American people.

LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS CHAPTER #9: By achieving foreign-policy miracles and by boosting the economy, President Trump is making America great again.

Whenever you watch NBC or CNN or read about the Trump administration in newspapers and magazines, ask yourself the following question. How often do they talk about the terrible things that Trump is doing or about the Mueller investigation? And how often do they talk about the good things that he did and about his economic accomplishments? The media will more often than not fixate on gossip and lies because that’s what sells. But, in fact, ever since Trump has won the elections, the economy has been doing great. More than three million jobs were created and we can even say that there are more jobs available in the States than unemployed people. If we look at the past two decades, today, the unemployment rates are at an all-time low. She adds that although the Federal Reserve has made efforts to raise the interest rates ever since Donald Trump was elected, the stock market still rose 25 percent under his administration. It is safe to say that Trump’s economic policies have created a lot of wealth and they have also been helpful to the working man. Just think of the tax cuts that were repeatedly criticized. Despite the fact that the media referred to these cuts as being “cuts for the rich”, the reforms will actually save a typical American family more than $2,000 a year. Now, there is no doubt that Donald Trump is an extremely successful businessman, so his economic success as a president comes as no surprise. But he has also achieved something that the author refers to as a foreign policy “miracle”. Do you even remember the terrorist group ISIS? According to the author, we barely even hear about them nowadays. This is due to the fact that the Trump administration has achieved in just a few months, something that the Obama administration couldn’t do in years. The Trump administration lifted a series of pointless restrictions on the US military and by working with its allies, managed to decimate ISIS. As the representatives of the Trump administration have said, almost 100 percent of the territory that was controlled by the terrorist group has been reclaimed since he took office. But how often did you hear about this in the newspapers or on CNN? Or take a look at the differences between the US policy on North Korea under Trump and what it was under Obama. Under the Obama administration, Otto Warmbier, an American student, was held hostage and tortured beyond recovery. When Warmbier was finally released under the Trump administration, his body was too weak and he passed away. Under President Trump’s high-pressure campaign, North Korea has released three other American hostages. Additionally, he was able to start peace talks with North Korea and made substantial progress towards suspending their weapons testing. The media often describes Trump as being dangerous and reckless. But ask yourself what other president has achieved these results as of late? According to the author, Trump has done more than all of the other presidents combined.


What is the key message of Jeanine Pirro’s 2018 book Liars, Leakers, and Liberals? In an ideal world, the United States would be a country with enough jobs for everyone, where families would live in safe communities, and where businesses can grow. Additionally, the country would trade fairly across the world and would have strong military power. According to the author, this is precisely what Donald Trump is trying to achieve. But, the deep state, the lying media, the liberals, the week Republicans are what prevents the president from making America great again. There are many things at stake and, according to the author, the efforts to discredit the Trump administration must stop.